Serrah’s Place

Serrah (pronounced like “Sarah”) is an enlightened canine being who I had the pleasure of knowing for the last 10 months of her life. She was being fostered by a family that I work with through my petsitting business. Before she was with this family, she was with an elderly lady who had severe health problems which necessitated placement in a care facility that does not accept dogs.

This family graciously accepted Serrah into their home and pet family which includes two other dogs and a cat. Although all the animals got along, Serrah exhibited some behaviors that triggered a special understanding in me and prompted me to create a webpage devoted to helping support those who find themselves in caregiving positions. I could tell that Serrah was used to being “on” all the time, having been a caregiver of sorts to her previous owner. Her Border Collie temperament lent itself well to this kind of life, one in which it was her job to keep everyone in her pack in line and taken care of. In her new family though, she did not need to be in charge anymore, and I could tell she was having a hard time taking a back seat. She would wake up 3-4 hours before everyone else to remind me that it was going to be breakfast time soon. I’d gently send her back to bed but she’d repeat her reminder every hour until I’d get up and get the day started. Then she would wait to eat until everyone else had finished.

I recognized that these behaviors was very similar to ones I have struggled with myself; sleep deprivation and food insecurity related to caregiving responsibilities. Having been a caregiver all my life, it was not unusual for me to be chronically sleep deprived. Before having children, I had trouble falling asleep because I would worry about those that I cared about. Once the kids came, the worrying increased as well as the need to physically attend to their needs. To me, this was a labor of love which I embraced. I knew it was temporary and well worth all the effort. Likewise, when I decided to become an Obstetrician, the satisfaction of helping women get through pregnancy and birth seemed well worth the effort. I had no idea that sleep deprivation would take its toll on my health and well-being to the degree that it did, making it necessary for me to retire unexpectedly. In addition, my attitudes around food meant that I’d usually put myself last, eating leftovers off of kid’s plates or a quick fast food meal rather than mindfully choosing what was healthy and nutritious for me. As a result, I developed several chronic health problems that are not easily dealt with…obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis and anxiety. Serrah also suffered from obesity and arthritis, and it was ultimately a stroke that took her life on October 15, 2019.

Through my use of Animal Reiki, I feel that Serrah was giving me messages about my healing path. My most important task is to understand and employ self-love. Self-care, being a natural extension of this, is one of the best ways to begin the journey of self-love. I have been fortunate in having the freedom to pursue good self-care practices for a few years now, and it’s time to share what I’ve learned with people out there who are just beginning this journey. Serrah’s Place is designed to be a resource for those who are on a path to healing, whether that be related to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health issues. My professional background in medicine and personal experience with healing from emotional trauma and Self-Love Deficiency Disorder (AKA Codependency), among other health concerns, has provided me with lots of insight into the needs of those with similar experiences, and I hope to be a source of comfort and inspiration to those who are seeking complete wellness. Serrah’s Place will be an online resource center for those with similar struggles, offering real-life solutions for recovery, as well as lifestyle hacks for situations related to sleep, health, food, living spaces and more. Please visit the Tools for your self love journey page to view or download free resources, and please visit the Serrah’s Place page on Facebook.

I have also started a YouTube channel, where you will find readings from the Animal Angels Oracle Card Deck, among other helpful videos. Please Click Here to visit!

Eventually I hope to open a retreat center where I will employ some of the methods and techniques that I’ve discovered were helpful in my recovery from these very challenging experiences. Please click here if you would like to donate towards getting this accomplished. Thanks for reading, and I thank you in advance for any support!