My Art

Since retiring from medical practice, I have embraced my artistic side. My current passion is painting rocks. I started painting kindness rocks a couple of years ago; this has blossomed into a full time hobby – I have added making my own art stones on which I paint mandalas. These feature the Flower of Life pattern, and many of the designs are inspired by the mandalas that I have previously done in pen and ink format. I also enjoy making dotted mandalas and painting other figures on natural rocks as well as handcrafted art stones, and have created a glow rock garden featuring high quality glow in the dark paints.

Below are some stones that I have made available for sale. Please contact me at for inquiries.

Please visit my newest Etsy shop at if you’d like to purchase a Sacred Stone or deck of Animal Angels Oracle Cards. I am having a Grand Opening Sale; Sacred Stones 50% off!