Karen Janowski.com

You have reached the landing page for me, Karen Janowski. I also go by Karen Hamilton, MD.

Below are some of my newest art stones and natural rocks that are now offered for sale. Please visit My Art page for more details.

Please visit https://lovingkindnessart.com/stone-art/ for more photos and information about other rocks I have painted, including glow rocks.

I have created an 8-episode series of meditation videos entitled “Quarantine with Karen”. They feature me doing artwork and are set to peaceful music. Although they are not officially meant to be tutorials, please feel free to copy the techniques that I use.

Please Click Here to visit my Youtube Channel.

My newest video series, “5 Minute Therapy” includes video montages addressing common issues that people seek therapeutic help with. Here is a link to the first one, “Betrayal”.

I am in the process of consolidating my various websites and other projects, and will be adding a lot to this page, so check back frequently.

I’m happy you are here. If you’d like to contact me, please send an email to Karen@karenjanowski.com.