About Me

I am a retired physician and surgeon. Although writing and educating others about all matters concerning  health, wellness and spirituality had been my passion, in recent years self-love and self-care have become an important priority. I created the page ‘Serrah’s Place’ to share some of the techniques and ideas that I’ve found to be helpful.

I now spend most of my days focusing on living sustainably, caring for myself, my space, and others in my environment. One aspect of this includes creating beautiful art to surround myself with and for gifting to others. For me, this translates into painting colorful and inspirational designs on rocks. I also enjoy making videos. Please visit my page ‘KarenJanowski.com’ for a link to my YouTube Channel to see them, as well as for photos and links to rock art.

Along with being a U.S. trained MD with twenty years of experience in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Surgery, I am a Reiki Master and hold certificates in Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching and Therapeutic Art Life Coaching. One of the modalities that I find especially helpful in helping deal with stress and anxiety is Meditative Art. Please visit LovingKindnessArt.com for more information.

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