Animal Angels

Today’s reading from the Animal Angels Oracle Card deck comes to us from “Angel”, a German Shepherd that I knew for a very short time. The Flower of Life design on this card was drawn in her honor, on Easter Sunday 2016, when she left her earthly body.

After I drew this for her and her family, I became aware of the spiritual phenomenon of “energy transmutation”, which can be thought of as taking negative energy of a situation and transforming it into something positive. This article, which discusses how animals are actually energy workers, here to help us humans with our process, opened my eyes to another belief system about this, and actually is what started me on the healing path where I now find myself.

I now feel that many humans are also “energy transmuters” for other people. Some, however (myself included), didn’t get the memo about how important it is to have all your own personal ducks in a row before doing this for others. No matter how well meaning we might be, if we are not balanced and whole in ourselves, whatever we do “for others” misses the mark, and can even cause harm. Good thing we have Ho’oponopono!

I did not publish anything yesterday, because my new exercise regimen is stirring up a lot of things that are meant to be detoxified. Instead, I spent the day doing meditative art; drawing and focusing on joyfulness. I have learned that trying to be there for others is not wise when toxicity is being processed. Today, the energy is better, and “Angel” is encouraging me to engage with you all.

What I learned when I was with Angel was so important that I’m using “her” Flower of Life design as part of the logo and avatar for LovingKindness Art. She is the one that planted the seed for using meditative art as a therapeutic process, thereby assisting me in transmuting my own energy and creating something that can be helpful to myself and others. She is also the inspiration behind the name of the “Animal Angels Oracle Card” deck. Although she is not physically here, hers is a part of the animal “collective consciousness” present in all animals, and it is they who send us our Oracle card message for today!

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