Oracle reading for 1/12/2020

This Animal Angels Oracle Card reading is brought to you by “Pax”, who excitedly came to see what I was doing when he heard me shuffling the cards this morning. Yesterday, while making this video, he also came to see what I was doing when he heard the shuffling, as you will see on the video. He barked as I pulled the card, as if to say “Listen to this message!”

Much of the time, I forget that animals are wise, sentient beings, who live in a higher dimension than we do. At least that’s how I used to be. Now, with every reading I do, I am amazed at what comes through and how I am surrounded by animal wisdom.

Today marks a huge and dramatic energy shift brought on by the planets Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury meeting in Capricorn. Although I am by no means well versed in astrology, pretty much everyone in the astrology world has been commenting on how important this day is, and how the next few months may play out in our lives as a result.

Although I try to not rely on external events or influences as a way to determine what I do, I like to know about this kind of information to help me understand things. So today’s message from Pax,

Balancing activity and rest is healing and nourishing to the body

seems like good advice to follow today and as we move ahead into 2020.

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