Introducing “Animal Angels Oracle Messages”

As promised, here is the first online resource available from “Serrah’s Place”!

Over Thanksgiving, I was inspired to take to 50+ Flower of Life designs I had created in 2016-2017 and make a set of inspirational Oracle cards featuring their artwork. Since I was pet sitting at the time, I attribute the idea to the animals, and so named the deck “Animal Angels Oracle Cards”.

When I received the deck I had ordered, I was thrilled at how my own daily use of the cards seemed to really assist me in getting through the difficult holiday season. I ordered 10 decks to have at an art show I’d be attending and was again thrilled at how the folks that stopped by my table for a free reading seemed to get a lot from our interaction. I then set up an Etsy shop and am selling the cards there, along with a few other items that might be useful in one’s self love journey.

Although it would be nice to make a little money this way, my chief intent is to provide inspiration and wisdom to anyone who needs it; so I have set up a YouTube channel where I will be posting regular video Oracle card readings. Here is the first one, published today:

Inaugural Animal Angels Oracle Card Reading!

I will be writing more posts featuring these messages as time goes by so please check back frequently!

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